Natural Answers to Hormonal Imbalances in Women


A question women frequently ask me is “Can problems with hormonal imbalances can be helped naturally?”  The answer is yes! In fact there are many natural ways to help; the best approach is a combination of changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, relaxation, nutrient supplements, and individually prepared herbal medicines.  You can start with some of these right now.

The naturopathic approach is not simply a case of balancing a simple seesaw of, for example progesterone and oestrogen.  Hormones are chemical messengers and there are many different types of hormones, so the task is more like balancing a multi-seated seesaw.

Typically for women hormonal imbalances cause, menstrual problems, pre-menstrual problems (PMS), fertility problems, and menopausal problems such as hot flushes. Other problems may be related to hormonal imbalances, for example skin problems, hair loss, weight gain, low mood, depression, and anxiety.

You need to address the underlying causes to help.

Nutrients are the “ingredients” for building healthy levels of hormones. Nutrients frequently needed include Magnesium, quality Fats especially omega 3, omega 6 , B vitamins, Calcium, Vitamin D, and  Vitamin E.  The reason the Entire Katoa Food State supplements I recommend are low dose is that the absorption and bioavailability are very high. Contact me to find your nearest stockiest.

Diet is important; supplements are used in addition to, not instead of a health building diet. A diet you think is “healthy" may suit other people more than it suits you. If you have absorption issues or foods that for a variety of reasons do not support your body you may be missing some key ingredients for your health.

The wrong ingredients i.e. the wrong foods will not build healthy hormonal balance and can cause hormonal and other problems. Sugar, alcohol, and poor quality fats are top of the “wrong ingredients” list.

Herbal medicines are used to strengthen various areas of the body to relieve distressing complaints.  The pituitary gland (the management gland for many hormones) responds well to herbal medicines.  Greater balance is achieved when the “management” works better in telling the body which hormones to decrease or increase; this helps relieve symptoms.  During a consultation more specific needs may be identified; so other herbs are added to make your personal herbal medicine.

There is no simple "one remedy cure" for hormonal imbalances. However you can start some FREE health strategies today! Take a walk, relax, say no to sugars, alcohol and poor quality fats.

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Original Article May 2014

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