Find Out Which Diet Will Work for You


Original article Jan 2014 Copyright Jaine Kirtley


Are you trying to work out what foods you may need to look and feel your best? Have you tried a diet that your friend lost kilo’s on, but has resulted in little or no loss for you?

You may have read conflicting reports saying that certain foods are good or bad. There is no one rule for everyone. Some people will feel their best on say a high protein diet, others find a high carbohydrate will works well. Your nutritional requirements will not be the same as everyone else’s, and can be assessed according to your individual needs. 

Metabolic Typing™ is used to determine the foods and nutrients that are needed for your Metabolic Type. Metabolic Typing™ will assess a number of important control systems that influence the metabolism. The Metabolic Typing™ is, in fact a number of different diets that are based on the different food and nutrient requirements that you may have according to which control systems of your body need support. Given the right nutrients your body will have a more effective metabolism.

The Metabolic Typing™ programme involves a lot of commitment, so it is not suitable for all. Those that do it find the health benefits are extensive. As your metabolism works more efficiently, every part of your body begins to receive the nutrients it needs to work well. Your body’s ability to naturally detoxify will be increased. Your Energy increases. Your Food cravings stop. If you are overweight you will lose weight, if you are underweight you will gain weight. Your blood sugar levels stabilize. Your chronic health problems will improve. Your mood will improve. You will have an increased sense of well being. Your immunity will improve. Your athletic performance will be better. Contact us for more information and to book your consultation.