Autism - Nutrition Helps Resolve This Complex Problem


World Autism day this week highlights the concern regarding the rising rates of autism; in New Zealand 40,000 people have Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Autism is now generally called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to include the differing degrees of severity and Asperger syndrome. People who have ASD often have social and communication skills, some have learning disabilities, others have average or above average intelligence; all have difficulty making sense of the world.


Research suggests ASD may occur due to complex interactions of many factors. Genetic influences, environmental toxins, inflammation, lack of nutrients, and reactions to foods which affect the way the nerves develop and function.


Some children with the ASD are helped by eliminating certain foods. Allergy tests are not straight-forward; some children improve by avoiding certain foods even when a typical allergy has not been identified. Nutrients shown to help children with ASD are iron, polyunsaturated fatty acids zinc, selenium, iodine, coenzyme Q10, and B vitamins, especially B12 and Folic Acid. Use Food State supplements for the optimum absorption.


Toxins appear to increase the risk of ASD. In Texas high environmental mercury exposure increased the number of children affected by ASD and learning difficulties by 43%. Hair testing has found patterns of toxic heavy metals and nutrients are different in the hair of children with ASD. Mercury and lead are often higher in children with ASD.


It is now thought the hair tests indicate children with ASD are less able than others to eliminate toxic metals such as mercury. These toxins then disrupt the way the nerve cells work, develop and send messages in people with ASD. The result is that learning and behavior are affected. Some nutrients such as Zinc, Iron, and Selenium help remove mercury from the body.


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Original April 2014 Copyright Jaine Kirtley