The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program

The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program also assesses your metabolic control systems and hair analysis as described above. However the assessment also includes many more metabolic control systems.

The additional control systems are :
The Lipo-Oxidative processes related to aspects of energy production and nutrient absorption; The Electrolyte controlsrelated to dehydration, circulation, fluid distribution, and pH control; Acid / Alkaline balance relates to the acid and alkaline pH levels the body needs to work at is best in different parts of the body.; Prostaglandin Balance The Series 2 prostaglandins are  involved in swelling, inflammation, clotting, and dilation. The Series 1 prostaglandins have the opposite effect.  

The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program is an intensive 8-week program and involves a great deal of commitment to follow. Generally we recommend you follow either the Advanced Metabolic Typing Program or the Advanced Metabolic Typing Program including Hair Analysis and Detoxification, prior to following the Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program. Unless there are specific health concerns where the Comprehensive Program is considered more appropriate.  

The Neurotransmitter controls may be considered additionally if necessary, this is undertaken as a separate test.  

Candida testing and assessments are undertaken additionally where considered appropriate.