Little Calcium Absorbed From Milk


Research just published has questioned the assumption that milk is a healthy part of the diet. Over 60 thousand women and 45 thousand men in Sweden took part in the study which found those who drank milk died earlier and had more fractures. The type of milk was not considered, however this may have been very important. There are a huge number of types of milk some I consider to be far less helpful to health than others.

I believe the quality of the milk to be of paramount importance to health. The milk from cows fed a diet most natural to their species for example organic milk, and the least processed for example raw milk may well have the greatest benefit to health.

Getting back to the study it does raise the question if milk is high in calcium why did the women have so many broken bones?

Although milk is naturally high in calcium, it is hard for the body to extract the calcium from milk. The researchers pointed out that poorly absorbed calcium increases inflammation and increases the risk of heart attacks. 

The form that calcium is presented to the body makes a huge difference in the body being able to use the calcium. It is a case of Quality not Quantity. The Entire Katoa Food State range has high absorption, low dose and low toxicity; available at Wild Earth Organics, Central Parade Pharmacy and Define Fitness.

In food calcium is available in easily absorbed forms from, nuts (soak overnight), especially almonds, any leafy vegetables, avocados, beans, fish including sardines, fish bone broths and Organic meat bone broths.

It is also important to retain calcium; soak all grains overnight. Avoid sugar and all soft drinks especially fizzy drinks as these deplete calcium.



Original Article Nov 2014

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