Nutrients for Successful Resolutions Or Nutrients Not Willpower for Success


We are now half way through January and many of your great resolutions made enthusiastically only 2 weeks ago may have already slipped or maybe never quite got going in the first place. Instead of blaming yourself for being weak-willed consider the possibility that you may not have been able to maintain your resolutions due to a lack of nutrients or imbalances in your body.

For example GTF Chromium and Magnesium help maintain balanced blood sugar levels. Most people may feel a bit tired or achy immediately after exercise although will generally feel good. Drops in blood sugar will be exacerbated after exercise and cause you to feel overall worse and unmotivated to exercise again the next day.

Low blood sugar levels can also trigger sugar cravings; making it harder to maintain the resolve to avoid sugar. A craving for sugars especially chocolate indicates low magnesium levels. You need more magnesium not more chocolate, as the sugars will further deplete your body of magnesium.

Both GTF Chromium and Magnesium stabilise blood sugar levels so both will help bring the blood sugar levels to a healthy level. Blood sugars that are too high will come down, blood sugars that are too low will come up. This means both are ideally suited as a support to people with any blood sugar imbalances; including those with Diabetes. Food State GTF chromium reduced blood sugar levels by 16.8%, compared to only 6% with another chromium supplement. The Food State range has high absorption, and retention; available at

Other nutrients such as Water, Iron and high quality fats may be low when you feel worse after exercise. 

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Original Article Jan 2015

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