Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures like, and was discovered by Samuel Hannaman over 200 years ago.  


Homoeopathic remedies contain minute amounts of particular substances, which if taken in large amounts would cause the same symptoms, but when taken by homoeopathy they can cure. For example the Arnica plant is highly toxic, if it is eaten it causes severe damage to the blood vessels, but taken in a homoeopathic way  (in amounts so diluted that chemists can find no trace of arnica in the remedy), it cures or prevents bruising.


The theory is that homoeopathic medicines work by changing the vibrational energy state in the body. Each remedy, and there are hundreds, "keys in" to a particular condition.


Think of your body as an orchestra. The musicians are the organs, supported by herbal medicine, etc. The instruments are the nutritional needs of the body supported by vitamins and minerals, etc. The conductor is the life force or vibration force of the body, supported by homeopathy.

All of the parts of the orchestra, the musicians, the instruments and the conductor need to be present and functioning well in order to make great music. When one part falters the music will be affected. 

To achieve optimum health & wellness we need all parts of the body to work as well as possible. In an orchestra even if the musicians are not very good or the instruments are not the best, but the conductor is superb and beats just the right rhythms for the music, the music will sound good.


As Naturopaths we want all parts of your body to work as well as possible, so homeopathy is used to support the body as a whole.


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