Could sugar be making you sick?


Sugar is part of the way of life for most people in New Zealand; home baking, morning teas, afternoon teas, desserts, lollies, ice cream, sugary drinks and so much more. But these sugary foods cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gout, and dementia.


You could be of a good weight but still be at risk

You could be of a good weight but still be at risk; a study this year on nearly 2700 people found that sugars in foods and drinks increased blood pressure, whether the person was overweight or not. One in 5 people in New Zealand have high blood pressure, how many of these do not realise just how much sugar they are eating?


Sugar causes inflammation

Sugar damages the body by causing inflammation, disturbances of blood sugars, liver problems, low leptin levels (leptin is a hormone that controls the appetite, telling your body that you are full).


Packed foods, however often have sugars added

Aim to avoid all foods and drinks with added sugar; even savoury foods have added sugar. Sugars present in fresh raw foods are not generally the problem.  Packed foods, however often have sugars added. Look at the “Ingredients” section rather than the “Nutritional Information”. The names of sugars include; sugar, corn syrup, syrup, sucrose, fructose, glucose, honey, molasses. A handy tip is to remember that anything ending in “ose” is a sugar. Some foods may not have the ingredients listed, if so; look at the nutritional information. Coca cola is famous for keeping the ingredients secret; apparently only two people in the world know the ingredients at any time. Label reading may sound like hard work; the easy way is to use fresh food, prepared and cooked at home.


Sugars can be addictive

It may be hard to cut out sugars; sugars like alcohol do have an addictive quality. Too little fat may be causing you to feel hungry and grab at sugary foods. The right type of fat, such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and flaxseed oil help cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and weight loss.


GTF Chromium and magnesium for the stabilization of blood sugar levels may be low

During naturopathic consultations your diet is carefully assessed. Other nutrients may be deficient which are necessary for the stabilization of blood sugar level, such as GTF Chromium and magnesium. If I do use supplements I use the Entire Katoa Food State nutrients for the optimum absorption and bioavailability.

If supplements are used I recommend the Entire Katoa Food State supplements for the best absorption.


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