All About Mental & Emotional Health

There are a lot of aspects to mental and emotional health. Just as with physical health, our mental health problems can be minor (equivalent to a cold) or major. 


There is a reluctance within NZ society to chat about mental health problems. So it can be hard to assess when help is needed, what sort of help is needed, and how urgent that help is needed. Included in the articles on the right you will find a very quick self-assessment questionnaire; you will also find ways you can use the food you eat and lifestyle changes to improve your mental health, be it a minor or major problem. 


During a naturopathic consultation we will often prescribe nutrients and herbal medicines to improve mental health issues, especially those related to depression and anxiety. 


To learn more about natural help relating to mental & emotional health, click on any of the below links to access articles, or alternatively click the drop down menu on the right to learn about other topics.



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