Let the Easter Season Inspire You


Can Easter be a health inspiring time? Is it all about Easter Eggs and sweet stuff? Well I really think it can help us make positive lifestyle and health changes on many fronts.

The Easter messages we get nowadays are mostly muddled and confusing. Before Easter bunnies bringing chocolate Eggs, Easter was primarily a Christian feast. Easter is still is the most important spiritual feast in the Christian year celebrating new life of Christ risen from death.

Whether or not you have religious beliefs this can be an excellent time to give some attention to spirituality. Our spiritual health is an important factor in our total health. For some people nurturing spiritual health may involve connecting or reconnecting with an organised religion for others it may simply be a walk in the bush or thinking about the wonders of the wider world around us.

The new life or renewal aspect of the Easter season can also be inspiring. While it is true we do not has the delights of spring, we do have a change of season which can inspire us.

It is now cool enough to take a walk or run comfortably at any time of day; perhaps take up a winter sport. Maybe tackle the challenge of regular walks up or around Mauao. Or on the beach or any of the many walkways the Bay of Plenty has.

Renew your commitment to eating for great health; include hearty bone broths (these could be fish bones or organic meat bones) or hearty warming vegetable bean and seed soups.

As for the Easter eggs, well keep them to the minimum or none at all. If you feel you can’t stop eating them look out for next week’s column for some strategies to tackle that problem!

Happy Easter from the Naturopaths at Bay Naturopath!


Original Article April 2015

Copyright Jaine Kirtley