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Fats are one of the most important macro nutrients (big nutrients) that human beings need for survival, and health and wellness. The word ‘fat’ can be rather confusing because we use it for so many different things, fat on our bodies, internal fat (in our bodies), fat in items like donuts & pies, and helpful healing fats, for example in extra virgin olive oil. NOTE: there is a vast difference between oils that have been extracted by a cold press method such as extra virgin olive oil and oils that have been extracted by a heat process. If an oil does not say the words “extra virgin,” “virgin,” or “cold pressed,” it is very likely to have been extracted by heat so not helpful. 


Saturated fats in a similar way fall into helpful and unhelpful categories. Though do not always have a cold pressed or heat extraction. Read more about this and find out how including helpful fats in your diet can help you lose weight, increase energy, improve mental health, boost immunity and overall health. 


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