Nutrients Needed if You Feel Worse after Exercise


You have probably heard that exercise is essential for health. So what do you do if every time you exercise you feel worse instead of better?

Often people may complain that the exercise was hard or their muscles feel sore or they are out of breath; despite these post exercise complaints on the whole will say yes they feel better and happier for taking the time to exercise.

On the other hand some people will feel decidedly unwell; shaky dizzy, lack concentration, feel sad, upset, have headaches, feel exhausted.

As exercise is so important to gaining and maintain health it is essential to check out the reasons for these symptoms rather than give up on exercise. There a many possible causes; below are some of the likely causes.

The most important nutrient to check first is water. You need at least 2 litres of plain still water a day; more water is needed on hot days or at times when you are sweating a lot such as during exercise.

Check your iron levels, this is a simple cheap procedure contact me to find out more. Low iron can make all exercise more exhausting.

Low blood sugar levels can make you feel worse after exercise. This is also cheap test; I can organise the test for you if needed.

Changes in your diet (see previous articles) as well as GTF Chromium, magnesium and a number of herbs improve blood sugar levels so that you can feel great after exercise.

The Food State range has high absorption, low dose and low toxicity; it is available at www.entirekatoa,co,nz

Make sure you are not exercising when you have an injury or any kind of virus or acute illness; this is a time for rest and healing.


Original Article September 2014

Copyright Jaine Kirtley