Healing Actions of Red Clover



Red Clover, which has the botanical name “Trifolium pratense”, is a pretty common plant which is rich in healing actions. Like most herbs it has a long traditional use going back hundreds of years or more. These profound effects on healing have stimulated modern day scientific research.


Different parts of herbs are used to make herbal medicine; and with Red Clover it is the pretty pink flowers that are used to heal. The flowers can be used fresh, dried or if a strong herbal medicine is needed alcohol is used to extract and concentrate the healing components; these are called herbal extracts or tinctures. Usually the red clover is combined with other herbs which enhances the effects and can more accurately meet the person’s needs.


One of the traditional uses of Red Clover is to relieve coughs; it can help both to stop the spasm of a cough and to loosen mucous. It has an action to generally restore health, and used to be described as a “blood cleanser”.  It can help decrease inflammation in many conditions. Red Clover also can be used to help relive a sore throat as a gargle or as a tea.  It is also used to help relieve eczema and many skin conditions.


Recent Scientific studies have focused on the beneficial effects it has on hormonal health, and its use to support people with cancer. Red Clover has high levels of substances which act like the hormone oestrogen, and for this reason it is used to help a number of hormone related problems in women. Men too may benefit from Red Clover, as it has been shown to help prostate problems, including prostate cancer as part of a wider treatment plan.


Always seek advice before taking any herbal medicine.


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Original Article November 2014

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