Habits Cause or Prevent High blood Pressure


Poor habits are the most likely causes of your high blood pressure; if you are taking medication to reduce your blood pressure do not be lulled into a false sense of security that you have fixed the problem. The habits which cause high blood pressure still put you at risk of heart disease. However, do not stop your medication without professional advice. Whether you take medication or not, simple changes will help improve your blood pressure and decrease your risk of an early death from cardiovascular disease.

Destructive food habits to stop relate are a priority. The foods which increase blood pressure are coffee, poor quality fats, sugars, alcohol, refined grains and salt.

New food habits which reduce your blood pressure are garlic (best raw), and whole grains, that means brown rice, 100% wholegrain flour bread and pastas.

Change your habit of using the car for everything. Get in the habit of exercising every day to reduce your blood pressure and help your heart. Start by walking 15 minutes every day and work up to 30 minute then add more activities which will challenge you and / or give you pleasure.

Make relaxation a daily habit. Research shows relaxing every day lowers the blood pressure.  Watching TV or playing on the computer is not the quality relaxation you need. Explore different ways of relaxing; listening to soothing music, watching the wind in the trees, or learn meditation. Start by doing 10 minutes every day.

Naturopaths help you change your habits; in addition there are many herbs and homeopathic remedies that can reduce your blood pressure. Herbs can lower blood pressure at the same time strengthen the cardiovascular system and the nervous system as well as address hormonal imbalances which may contribute to high blood pressure.


Original Article April 2013

Copyright Jaine Kirtley