All Health Problems Helped by this Amazing Nutrient


There is an amazing nutrient that can help every part of your body. It is needed to absorb other nutrients, and dispose of waste products. It is vital for healthy kidneys, circulation, heart health, mental health, blood sugar stability, muscles, hormonal balance, bowels, bladder and skin.  It makes up over 75% of the body.  Have you guessed what it is? Yes, wonderful water.

If it is so good why don’t we drink more of it?

We are often unaware of our needs for water.  Anxiety, low mood, low energy, headaches and poor concentration are just a few indications of mild dehydration. At the other end of the scale extreme dehydration can be fatal.

If you are overweight and frequently feel hungry, it may be that you are in fact thirsty. The thirst receptors in the brain are situated very close to those for hunger.

A woman I saw some time ago said that she simply could not drink water, and vomited when she tried to, but could drink other fluids. However she was chronically dehydrated, overweight and had a toxic body. Despite her original protests, with encouragement she persevered. A month later she felt much better, had more energy and her bladder problems had eased and weight decreased. The thing she was most amazed about was that she actually wanted to drink water and was thirsty for the first time in years!

It takes about three weeks to re-educate your body to drink an adequate amount of water. During this time treat water as your medicine, drink 1.5 to 2 litres or plain still water daily.  Soon you will want to drink the water. Your bladder will expand so you will not have to keep dashing off to empty it. Urine should be very pale or clear if it isn’t –drink more water.


Original Article November 2012

Copyright Jaine Kirtley