All About Nutrition & Diet - Sugar


A lot of recent research has triggered an increased awareness of the devastating damage that sugar can do to our health. In the past it has been difficult for ‘scientists’ to appreciate how damaging sugar is. In itself, a molecule of sugar (there are a lot of different types of sugar) which is found in many foods including vegetables, is not damaging. However it is the vast quantity of sugars that is detrimental. It is not enough to just avoid visible sugar, the hidden sugars make up the bulk of the sugars that are damaging people today. 


The damage can trigger low immunity, low energy, mental health problems, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and ultimately lead to an early death.


If you find it hard to cut out sugar, you may well have a sugar addiction. Help is at hand from naturopaths to help you tackle sugar addiction. To learn more about simple ways to cut out all the damaging foods which contain sugars and also which nutrients will be depleted if you are having excessive sugar, click on any of the bolded article headings below. Alternatively to find out more about other topics click the drop down buttons on the right. 



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