Don’t wait for Willpower to Be Well


Often the reasons for not exercising or eating well are put down to a lack of motivation or no willpower. Strangely enough neither of these are especially necessary to exercise or make helpful and healing food choices.

How can that be possible? The answer lies in things you do every day, things that you do as a matter of course; things that you do, simply because they have to be done.

The first thing you do is one of the best examples; getting out of bed in the morning. You may not want to get out of bed or feel like getting out of bed or even feel you have the willpower or motivation to do it. But you do do it every day, simply because it has to be done, it is part of your life.

Start thinking of eating well and exercise as “something that just has to be done, as a part of life” . With exercise start with walking, it’s free and easy, start with 10 minutes every day, then work up, making it more vigorous and longer as time goes on. Aim to be slightly breathless. You do not have to enjoy the exercise, much as you do not have to enjoy getting out of bed, it just has to be done. As time progresses it is likely you will like doing it, or at least like the after effects and benefits it brings. 

Getting out of bed makes a whole world  of experiences possible. Daily exercise and daily helpful food and drink choices bring much the same rewards. The fact is life is so much more fun and happier and easier to cope with if you are fit and healthy.

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Original Article April 2013

Copyright Jaine Kirtley