A Thick Pen Saves Cash and Health - Thousands of Sugar Free Recipes


A little known tool for health is a thick pen, correctly used in the task outlined below, the pen can decrease your risks of heart disease, cancer, type 2  diabetes, mental health problems, and numerous other health problems.


It can also help improve your nutrient intake and save you money. If you dont have one you could borrow one for a few hours. You need a thick pen - a thin one will do, however the effect isn't quite as good. A pencil may do the trick, although it is likely to only give temporary help; long term health needs commitment!


How to use the pen

This health improving task can take anything from 30 minutes to several hours.


Start with the savoury sections (such as fish, meat, cheese, or bean dishes) of your favourite recipe book

Holding your pen with a sense of purpose, pick up your favourite recipe book; starting with the savoury sections (such as fish, meat, cheese, or bean dishes) proceed to cross out with your thick pen all the sugary or sweet ingredients. Yes the so called savoury dishes have lots of these, the newer the recipe book the more likely you will have more sweet ingredients. Cross out any type of sugar, honey, syrup, sweeteners, anything ending "ose" such as glucose or fructose, and any ingredient which is sweeter than a fresh raw apple.


Advanced task - and warnings

Now for the advanced part of the crossing out task; keep a firm hold on the pen and move onto other sections in your recipe book. This is more challenging especially when you get to desserts.


It can seem in the dessert section that without the sweet ingredients there really is no recipe left; this gives you an important warning that the recipe is very destructive to your health. So you might want to put a big cross through the whole page or if you are artistically inclined draw a skull and crossbones danger sign!


How Shopping Changes

The next time you go shopping look at the ingredients section on labels, just as you did with your recipe books. Rather than buying items which have sugar and other sweet ingredients, and using your pen to put your danger sign on; I suggest you save the ink on your pen and do not buy that food.  This saves money by not buying items which increase risks of the conditions previously mentioned. You are then able to lend the pen to a friend, spreading the health message.


A Step Further - Beyond Sugar!

This task can be used for other damaging ingredients; poor quality fats, alcohol, salt, white rice, white flour, etc. Perhaps we might leave those to another column!