Cancer Risks in NZ Diet


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just issued the alarming prediction that number of people with Cancer is going to increase vastly in the next two decades, from 14 million to 22 million new cases a year.

WHO highlights the need to reduce risks of cancer, both to prevent cancer occurring and to help prevent cancer progressing. Smoking of course increases the risk of cancer. Less well known risks are related to diet, alcohol, lack of exercise and obesity.

Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are needed to prevent cancer cells growing. Fruit and vegetables provide some of the essential nutrients to help avoid cancer. However it is also imperative to avoid things that destroy essential nutrients. Alcohol and sugar deplete your body of nutrients; both are consumed in high amounts in NZ.

While the health problems related to alcohol have been known for some time, the health dangers of sugar are currently being identified; and go beyond the problem of causing obesity. Recent research has shown sugar in food and drinks can increase cancer risk.

In NZ the diet most people eat is high in sugar this increases risk of obesity and of cancer.

It is bizarre that we have organisations in NZ set up to help fight cancer which raise funds with lollies, cake sales, or wine evenings. I have even seen a bowl of lollies in the office of a local cancer charity. I find this just as horrifying as the scenario of raising funds for cancer by selling cigarettes.

We need to go further than being “aware” of cancer. Now we need to focus on eating to reduce the risk of getting cancer. More vegetables and no sugar, check the ingredients on food labels and in your baking and cooking for hidden sugars too.

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Original Article February 204

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