Metabolic Typing Costs

How much do the tests cost?  

The Metabolic Typing Tests  


Advanced Metabolic Typing Program  $185
This includes the Advanced Test and a 45-minute follow up consultation. 
The Advanced Metabolic Typing Program including Hair Analysis and Detoxification $285
This includes the Advanced Test, hair analysis, and a 45-minute follow up consultation, with emphasis on detoxification. (Further appointments, which will be charged additionally, are normally needed for ongoing detoxification support)
Hair Analysis only $120
This includes a full hair analysis report, with both a colour bar chart graph of results, and an extensive written report on toxic metals, nutritional elements and additional trace elements.  
The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program $600
This includes the Comprehensive Test, questionnaire and testing, hair analysis, four 30-minute consultations, unlimited email support over an 8-12 week period.  
Optional Further appointments 
$65 per consultation