What is the Best Time for Healthy Changes?


Here we are again at the start of December with holidays and Christmas getting closer and you still have that health problem you were planning to get round to doing something about. Almost all health complaints are related to some extent, sometimes entirely, to poor diet, nutrient deficiencies, lack o exercise, and not enough relaxation.

The question is it worth making changes now, with the feasting season so near? Unfortunately health problems don’t go away when we try to forget them; in fact they tend to get worse. So start looking after yourself now!

Christmas and holidays need not be a problem if you decide well in advance when your feast days start and stop. Decide and put a reminder note in your diary today.

Remember “treats” are only treats if we have them rarely. Taken most days they are no longer treats, just everyday foods or drinks. Think about this for a moment. Do you give yourself a “sweet treat” every day or “treat” yourself to a glass of wine most nights. If you do then you have denied yourself any real treats or special foods or drinks as you have turned them into plain old “everyday” foods; which damage your body.

In fact sweet foods and alcohol not only damage your body they also use up important nutrients such as Magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins and Zinc. This makes you more likely to get ill both physically and mentally.

One or two days of feasting are rarely a problem, however, weeks or months of having excessive amounts of food and drink, or worse still damaging food and drink will cause serious health problems.

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Original Article Dec 2013

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