All About Weight loss, Diet & Obesity

Excess weight and obesity are common place in NZ and many other countries in the world today. Outwardly obesity and weight gain are a reflection of poor health. While they are not the only indicators, they do tell us that either quantity or quality of food, or both the quantity and quality of food and drink, are a problem and not suiting that individual. 


You will find in this section a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator; this will give you a good idea as to whether your weight is healthy for you. People who are extremely fit and muscular will find the BMI inaccurate, however, for most of the population it is an extremely accurate guide. 


There are also articles about appetite, your healthy body weight, how to buy and make cheap nutritious food, how to stop sugar cravings, food addiction, and how low nutrients trigger obesity and depression.


There is also a section about Metabollic Typing, and the ways in which you can assess the proteins, fats and carbohydrates which best suit your body. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates and water are the building blocks of nutrition; you will find information about these in the articles to help you have great energy and achieve your ideal weight. 


Naturopathic help and advice can be found within the articles listed under the drop down menu on the right.


Click on any of the below bolded links to access articles about conditions that relate to weight loss, diet & obesity, and herbs & supportive nutrients that help relieve these conditions. 



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