Type 1 Diabetes & Natural Remedies.


Type 1 Diabetes is quite different in many ways to Type 2 Diabetes; it is far less common and far more dangerous than Type 2.  Unlike Type 2 Diabetes which is triggered by poor lifestyle and poor diet, the causes of Type 1 diabetes are not clear.

In Type 1 diabetes the pancreas no longer produces any insulin. Without insulin blood sugars rise to dangerous and life-threatening levels. Because insulin is not produced by the body, insulin is given by injection.

If you focus on blood sugar levels alone it can seem “OK” to eat sweet sugary foods and refined foods as long as you then take sufficient insulin to bring the blood sugar down. However these foods do not only cause blood sugar levels to rise. Eating such foods results in low levels of important nutrients such as Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, B vitamins, and Probiotics (which are the friendly bacteria in the bowels). These nutrients are important for, immunity, mental health, strong heart and lungs and a vast number of processes the body needs to do to keep well. The Entire Katoa Food State range has high absorption, low dose and is available at Wild Earth Organics, Central Parade Pharmacy and Define Fitness.

High blood sugar levels damage blood vessels. Nutrients which strengthen blood vessels are similar to those listed above. In addition high quality fats such as extra virgin olive oil and other cold pressed oils are needed for blood vessel health. By ensuring your diet is high in all these nutrients you also help prevent other chronic diseases, nervous system damage and skin problems.

Herbal remedies can improve health complaints in people who have Type 1 Diabetes just as they do with other people. So if you do have this serious condition look beyond it to support all other areas and improve your health and zest for life.


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