Start Your Detox Now for Great Health- Dec 2011


If you have overindulged over Christmas and feeling a little slow and sluggish you may be wondering if a “Detox” might be needed, or indeed what a “Detox” is.

“Detox” is short for detoxification. Your body has many ways of naturally detoxifying naturally; the liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin all help remove unwanted or harmful substances from your body. We call these harmful substance toxins.

Naturopaths help you to support your body to get rid of toxins. Naturopaths focus on areas of your body which are weakest. For example if you have skin problems, then herbs, nutrients and foods to support your skin will be included in the Detox, in addition to improvements in particular complaints people notice an increase in energy, and if needed weight loss. 

There are many detoxifying regimes, such as mini fasts, herbal detoxifying treatments, dry skin brushing and metabolic typing programmes.

Firstly it is important to avoid things that are harmful or toxic to your body. Start with the basics of no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine and no damaging highly processed fats.

Next drinks lots of water; this is fluid in the most simple and pure form for your body to use. Water will revive and detoxify every part of your body. Water is the vehicle that carries the nutrients we all need, across the cell wall of each of the billions of cells in our body. Water provides the only way the waste products can leave the cell, trucking the unwanted products across the cell wall to be excreted by the body. Water is the essential ingredient to all Detox regimes. It is the simplest way to give your health a boost on every level. In the summer water is even more important to avoid dehydration.  Always drink it plain and still, don’t give your body extra work to do in having to filter it out of other substances, such tea, coffee and other drinks.

Now add in simple natural food. Fruit and vegetables are nature’s multi vitamin and minerals. What better way to restore a body, which has been drained of nutrients from excess alcohol, sugar and over-rich food, than with crisp and crunchy fruits and terrific salads packed with lots of vegetables?

Protein should not be forgotten as it too plays a vital part in stimulating and restoring a sluggish metabolism. So include organic meat, fish, eggs, nuts or vegetarian protein combinations such as beans with grains or beans with seeds.

Summer is an inspiring time to exercise. We are so fortunate here in the Bay of Plenty to have the opportunity to exercise for little or no cost. Walking, cycling and swimming are fantastic for improving fitness at any level. You don’t have to be fast but going at a pace to make you slightly breathless will always reap benefits, the longer you can exercise the better. We don’t often think of breathing as a form of detoxification but that one of its less appreciated roles. Even 20 minutes a day will make a difference, but try to build up to an hour a day of exercise.

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Original Article December 2011

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