How to Relax to Heal


Are you ‘too busy” to relax? Strangely enough, you will be able to do more and feel better if you relax. Relaxation has tremendous healing powers. It both helps your body to heal and, helps prevent illness and disease. Relaxation increases immunity, improves digestion, increases absorption of nutrients, and elimination of toxins. It enhances mental health and spiritual health. Even 10 minutes of relaxation every day can make significant improvements to your health.


Organised relaxation methods such as Yoga, do help, although you can also use simple relaxation methods at home today. These can be as simple as listening to music or watching the wind in the trees. Creative visualisation can be used where you imagine a place just for you with all the sights, sounds, smells, and textures associated with this special place. Physical relaxation methods such as taking deep breaths, or tensing and relaxing your muscles, may make relaxation easier too. There are no rules; whatever allows your mind and body to drift is a relaxation method.


You could also take a relaxing Epsom Salts bath; simply use 2 mugs of Epsom Salts disolved into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. Epsom Salts contains magnesium which helps the mind and body relax. Never drink the Epsom Salts, as taken internally it can be dangerous. Use Food State Magnesium as a supplement to help relax. The Entire Katoa Food State range has high absorption, low dose and low toxicity; available locally at or email us now.


Always include magnesium-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, and nuts. Aim to get "fit to relax". Like getting fit for sport, it takes time and frequent practise, by starting slowly and consistently you will be able to relax for longer as time goes on. The benefits to your health and happiness are tremendous.


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Original article October 2014 Copyright Jaine Kirtley