What Can Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health?



Iridology is the study of the iris (the coloured part) of the eye.


Iridology was discovered thousands of years ago in China. About 200 years ago it was rediscovered in Hungary. A boy noticed a change in the eye of an owl he was nursing back to health. As an adult during his medical studies he developed the basis for iridology as it is known today. 


Iridology is a way of analysing the body by looking at the iris. Although it can be helpful in leading to a diagnosis, it is not possible to diagnose a disease purely from an iridology examination. However, it will indicate weak areas of the body, which may need further assessment. In a similar way to reflexology, where the sole of the foot reflects the body, the iris is like a map of the body. Fibres on the iris indicate weaknesses in different parts of the body. The right eye reflects the right side of the body, the left eye the left side.


For example, the main digestive organs appear centrally in the eye around the edge of the pupil. Discoloration in this area indicates problems in the digestive system. Some people find their eye colour changes quite dramatically following positive changes in diet, nutrition and lifestyle. However, for most people the changes in the iris are subtler and take place over a longer period.


Other areas of the body are reflected in the areas further away from the pupil. The head and senses at the top of the iris, the spine on the inner part of the iris (next to the nose), and the lower organs and legs at the bottom part of the iris.


Weaknesses shown in the iridology reading may relate to an old injury or illness, or may indicate a tendency towards certain types of illness. If the iridology reading shows a weakness in your lung area, it is especially important that you look after your lungs; e.g. by not smoking, taking regular exercise, and breathing deeply to avoid lung problems.


During a naturopathic consultation the iridology reading forms a part of an in depth consultation. Full medical history, diet, and nail and tongue analyses are also included in the consultation. From this assessment advice is given on diet, lifestyle, and relaxation techniques. Treatment given may include nutritional supplements (when I use supplements I recommend the Entire Katoa Food State range for the optimum absorption, low dose and low toxicity), herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, and deep tissue massage.


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