Hydrotherapy Assists Healing


Naturopaths have for decades used various forms of hydrotherapy to stimulate healing. Many of the hydrotherapy practices were famously used almost 200 years ago in Germany by Sebastian Kneippe. He wanted to use methods of healing which even the very poor could use. Kneippe Hydrotherapy continues to be used as a low cost effective therapy today throughout the world.


In the last ten years studies have indicated hydrotherapy helps in a range of conditions including respiratory infections, general immunity, osteoarthritis, and chronic heart failure.


There are many different types of applications for hydrotherapy. One method is to use cold packs to stimulate healing. Throat wraps are used for colds, a sore throat or sinus infections. 'Throat hydrotherapy wraps' are easy to do. You need a large cotton handkerchief (or linen tea towel), and a woollen or silk scarf; never use manmade synthetic fibres. First soak the handkerchief in tepid water – a littler cooler than your normal body temperature. Wring the handkerchief out well. Then wrap it around your neck. Wrap the scarf around this. The wet cotton should warm up fairly quickly when placed next to your skin. Your body has to continually warm this area; this increases circulation and stimulates healing. The throat wrap reduces inflammation, soothes a sore throat, and helps healing of the sinuses, nose or throat.  Keep the throat wrap on until it starts to feel really warm, you could then replace it if you wish. In chronic conditions such as a tendency to get sinus problems, you can keep the throat wrap on all night. You need to remove the throat wrap if you feel cold or shivery or if pain increases, and if the problem persists do seek further advice.


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