Dementia Prevention Diet


Although senile dementia occurs late in life it is not an inevitable part of aging. The brain can keep functioning very well even in people of 100 years or more! All forms of dementia are distressing diseases for the sufferer, and perhaps much more so for family and friends. Nutritional research shows you can decrease your likelihood of getting dementia; and slow it’s progress.


If you have more than one alcoholic drink a day you are likely to be increasing your risk of developing dementia in later life. Some people have a genetic weakness that puts them at risk if they drink any alcohol. Both coffee and alcohol raise homocysteine levels in the blood. High homocysteine levels and lack of B vitamins increase the risk of developing dementia. All of the B vitamins decrease high homocysteine levels and help prevent dementia; especially Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. You will find these in whole grains, vegetables and nuts.


Water is the most nutritious drink; even mild dehydration can make you forgetful and affect brain function. The type of fats you eat also affects your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Avoid all processed and overheated fats; instead go for cold pressed oils such as extra virgin olive oil, and plenty of fish, although avoid deep frying.

The antioxidant vitamin E helps the brain keep working well especially in older people. You can find vitamin E in nuts, seeds, oils and meats (best organic).


Coenzyme Q10 reduces the risk of dementia and cardiovascular disease. I use the Entire Katoa Food State supplements for the best absorption. Naturopathic treatment may include herbal medicines to help reduce the symptoms of dementia. These are prescribed according to individual needs. Lifestyle changes are also important; stop smoking, exercise daily and relax to keep your mind working well.


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Original Article Nov 2013

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