Deep Tissue Massage


It also helps to increase mobility in your joints. Massage is generally a relaxing treatment, as the tension is released in the muscles so tension is released mentally.

Deep tissue massage is a more rigorous form of massage used where you have a high degree of muscle spasm. Deep Tissue Massage is used when you need a long lasting benefit.

Massage improves the circulation of the blood throughout your body. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all your cells including the muscles and joints. Better circulation can help to remove metabolic wastes such as lactic acid from your muscles. Massage will also increase blood supply to the nerves and brain this stimulates motor nerve points which helps to alleviate stress and tension. Lactic acid in high amounts can cause stiffness and pain. This traumatises the muscle and causes it to tighten and contract.

If a one of your muscles is tight it will restricts natural movement so that other muscles are forced to do work they are not designed to do. This leads to stress on other groups of muscles that in turn are likely to become stiff and painful. By increasing circulation and decreasing lactic acid, Deep Tissue Massage will relax your muscles and, decrease fatigue and give you relief from muscular spasms.

When your muscles become looser, your joints are able to move with less restriction. This results in your body being able to move more freely. Massage assists in improving your posture, as relaxed muscles will allow the body to stand more upright. Relaxed muscles also allow your body to move more comfortably.

With an increase in movement you will be able to do day to day activities with greater ease. This too will assist the blood flow and nutrients to be transported around your body.

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