Selecting the Foods and Drinks That Are Best For You


Most diets are difficult to follow, give you little freedom of choice, address only weight issues, and often cause more health problems than they solve. Contrary to all the advertising you see and hear, no single diet fits everyone.


Your biochemical individuality determines your unique nutritional needs. Medical conditions, blood type, body type, food allergies and intolerances, vitamin and mineral imbalances, and ideal weight are all factors that should be considered when determining optimal food selections for you.


With all of these varying and interrelating factors only a computer can process the information and create the correct diet for you as an individual.





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How to get protein in a Vegetarian Diet



Jaine Kirtley uses the sophisticated new FoodPharmacy®Software program to create a diet that is simple to follow and is tailored to you and your body's needs. 


Now what you eat can help treat your health problems, instead of causing them and help you manage your weight, all while giving you more food choices than you thought were available.


Get healthy. 

Ask us to create a personalized diet for you today! 

Jaine Kirtley was involved in reserching references to many studies used in the FoodPharmacy®Software program, so is able to give added insight into the reasons for making changes to your diet to help you gain the best of health.


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