Naturally Healthy New Year


The New Year brings such hope and often great plans, then there’s that somewhat jaded feeling many people have after seeing the New Year in and plans revolve around on simply getting through New Year’s Day.

If that lack lustre feeling is a familiar rather than a rare event is a cry from your body, mind and spirit for some much needed attention.

The so called quick fix of coffee or sweet food is neither a quick fix nor a fix of any sort. The effects wear off within an hour or less, so nothing has really been remedied; your body is worse off than before.

Instead consider using some of the thousands of natural remedies including these below which help restore your zest for life.

To state the obvious “when you are tired – you need to rest” Rest and relaxation have fantastic healing powers, studies by scientists who have questioned this ancient bit of wisdom have found that yes rest does heal every aspect of health. Put the coffee and muffin down and your feet up.

Water heals revives and invigorates, there is no other simpler or greater remedy. Even more important if overindulgence or warm weather are robbing your body of water. Grab a glass of water right now - and drink for your greater health.

Frequent low energy levels and low mood indicate low nutrients. Book a consultation with Naturopaths Jaine or Stephanie to assess exactly which nutrients your body needs. All of the B vitamins are especially important to include when you just haven’t got the vitality you need for today and the year ahead. The Entire Katoa Food State range has high absorption, low dose and low toxicity; available at

Have a Happy Healthy 2015!


Original Article January 2015

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