Save Money and Save Health This Christmas


Happy Christmas! A heartfelt message, although for many people depression blocks that happy feeling. Antidepressant use has doubled in rich nations in past 10 years. What we choose to spend our money on can directly affect our mental health and our ability to cope with challenging circumstances.

Too much food and too few nutrients trigger mental health problems including anxiety, and depression.

It’s not just the financial strain that can trigger health problems; nutritionally speaking too much food puts a strain on your digestive organs, liver, heart and lungs.

If food and drink are high in sugar, poor quality fats or alcohol (most of the Festive Fayre) it will contain very few helpful nutrients. Worse still that kind of food actually deprives your body of nutrients needed to help you relax, be happy and be mentally and physically healthy.

The key nutrients which support a strong nervous system are all the B Vitamins, the high quality essential fats (omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9), Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc. If nutritional supplements are used the Entire Katoa Food State supplements are highly recommended for the best absorption.

To put nutrients into your body which the unhelpful foods depletes over Christmas, include  nutrient-rich healing foods, cold pressed oils, veggies, salad, fruit, plain nuts and water.

To save money and help yourself to health use this simple calculation passed onto me by my wise mother (a mathematician and mother of 10 children); count how many people you need to feed, estimate how much you think they will eat, divide that amount by 2.  And there you have the solution to the perennial problem of all those leftovers; there are virtually none. It also saves you money; less to buy. And yes, everyone will still have plenty to eat; and room for that extra glass of water!


Original Article December 2013

Copyright Jaine Kirtley