Free Detox Ingredient or Detox For Free


This FREE ingredient of every quality detoxification regime is one which all research and traditional knowledge agree on as being absolutely essential for health.

It is a key ingredient of every Detox program; necessary for every cell to absorb nutrients, and dispose of waste products. It is vital for the proper functioning of the kidneys, bowel, bladder and skin.  It makes up about 75% of the body.  By now you have probably guessed what it is, yes, wonderful water.

If it is so good why don’t we drink more of it?  A good question; we are often unaware of our needs for water.  Do you feel lethargic, have headaches or problems concentrating? If you do it’s very likely you are dehydrated.

If you have a problem with weight control and frequently feel hungry, you may really be thirsty. The thirst receptors in the brain are very close to those for hunger. When you think you are hungry try drinking water, after 20 minutes, you may find you are not hungry after all.

It takes about three weeks to re-educate your body to drink an adequate amount of water. During this time treat water as your medicine, drink 1.5 – 3 litres daily of plain, still water. Soon you will WANT to drink the water. Your bladder which is like a big bag will expand to accommodate the increased volume. Urine should be very pale or clear if it isn’t –drink more water.

Detoxifying regimes include mini fasts, herbal detoxifying treatments, dry skin brushing and metabolic typing programmes. Herbal medicine, nutrient supplements, nutritious food as well as water may be included in the Detox. If nutritional supplements are used the Entire Katoa Food State supplements are highly recommended for the best absorption.

Start your Detox today by increasing your plain, still and FREE water!


Original Article January 2014

Copyright Jaine Kirtley