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MRSA commonly known as the Superbug  in New Zealand has increased alarmingly over the last 10 years with a massive 37.0% increase between 2010 and 2011; the largest single-year rise during the last 10 years.


 Superbugs are infections resistant to antibiotics. MRSA evolved through the overuse of antibiotics by general population, especially in hospitals. These superbugs mutate and have become resistant to each new generation of antibiotics. This means new and more powerful antibiotics have to be made, in the short term this works; the problem is, that over time the bacteria becomes resistant to the newer antibiotics.


This potential bacterial time bomb has been known to exist for over 20 years. The solution does not lie in more and more pharmaceutical antibiotics. The increase both worldwide and in New Zealand demonstrate the current medical approach is not working.


Overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics by the general population and by individuals exacerbated by poor hygiene, continues to trigger the proliferation of superbugs. Even if you do not use antibiotics you are at risk due to the overuse of antibiotics by the general population.


One of the biggest problems is that antibiotics are used when not necessary, for minor complaints and other problems which do not need antibiotics. Natural methods can be very effective. In particular antibiotics are prescribed for viral infections which do not improve with antibiotics, since they are viral not bacterial.


Pharmaceutical antibiotics should only be used where bacterial infections are life-threatening or in situations where permanent damage would be caused if the antibiotic were not taken; where possible natural methods should be used first.


If ever you do need to take antibiotics you also need to take a course of probiotics immediately after the antibiotic as pharmaceutical antibiotics kill off not only the harmful bacteria but also the bacteria which boosts health and immunity. The depletion of the helpful bacteria after a course of pharmaceutical antibiotics makes you prone to further infection. This is one of the reasons people end up taking several courses of antibiotics.


Naturopaths use a combination of diet, nutrients, herbal medicine (many have bacteria fighting and virus fighting action) and lifestyle changes as well as traditional naturopathic remedies such as hot and cold packs and poultices to combat infections. CLICK HERE to contact us




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