Invigorate Your Mind, Body and Soul


We are blessed in the Bay of Plenty with more sunshine than most of NZ. Those warm and sunny days will inspire you to grab your sun-block and hat – leave your worries on the doorstep and get outdoors to walk, run, cycle, or get involved in the numerous sports the bay has to offer. As the song goes, life is indeed sweet on the sunny side of the street!


What happens though when the sun does not shine and the temperatures drop? Even though it is cooler and wetter, the benefits of exercise outdoors remain the same.




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Daily exercise, no matter how unappealing the great outdoors may look through the rain smeared window, will still bring a host of health benefits. Daily exercise will improve your: immunity, heart, circulation, breathing, bowels, muscles, joints, energy, brain health, memory, mood and mental health. Exercise decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, dementia, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and most other illnesses.
The times you should not go out to exercise occur less often than you might think. Do not go if the weather is so severe it could be a danger to life and limb. Do not go if you have a high temperature, an infection, feel dizzy or feel faint.
If you do not feel energized and uplifted after a brisk short walk you may have health problems that need more attention. You may have blood sugar imbalances, or lack important nutrients such as GTF Chromium, high quality fats, iron, and B vitamins.
How long should you exercise? This depends on what you are able to do now. Even 5 minutes a day for someone very debilitated brings benefits. If you have no major problems aim for 30 minutes a day every day. The strange thing is that even wet cold weather can be invigorating to body mind and soul – you just need grab your coat and hat and get out there!
Original Article April 2014
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