Look after your Liver


There’s a great quote by William James “Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver”. If you liver is not working well it can have serious affects on your health.

Naturopathic treatment will often focus on supporting your liver even if liver problems are not your primary complaint. If the liver is functioning poorly there will be a strain on all other organs of the body. One of the major roles of the liver is detoxification. The best help you can give your liver is to avoid toxic substances. Alcohol strains your liver each time you have an alcoholic drink, so for optimum liver health avoid all alcohol. This is especially important in serious liver diseases. Also avoid all recreational drugs.

Prescribed medication should only be taken if absolutely necessary. Even medication that does not require a prescription can cause liver damage; especially if taken in excess.

Herbal medicine should also be taken with care, so take herbs at the recommended dose. Research shows some herbs improve liver function and help with even serious liver diseases.  Silymarin is a natural ingredient of the herb Milkthistle also called Silybum marianus. Studies have shown that when the silymarin content is high enough this herb can help treat cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic fatty liver, and hepatitis. However, if you do have a serious liver disease seek advice before taking any herbs.  The common dandelion is a wonderful herb to support the liver; the root tends to work best but the leaves can be used.

You can be affected by toxins through direct contact, and breathing in toxins as well as through your food and drink. Research shows that Vitamin E can help the liver to recover after exposure to certain toxins.

There may be items in your diet that your body is sensitive to or allergic to. These can be viewed as “toxins” by your body but may be fine for another person.

If your liver is not working well all your nutrition can be affected so eat the best you possibly can with lots of fresh foods, fruits vegetables, fish, nuts, organic meat, and high quality cold pressed oils. If supplements are used I recommend the Entire Katoa Food State supplements for the best absorption and bioavailability, and low doses.




Original Article June 2010

Copyright Jaine Kirtley