Metabolic Typing


Are you trying to work out what foods you may need to look and feel your best?


You may have read conflicting reports saying that certain foods are good or bad. There is no one rule for everyone. Your nutritional requirements will not be the same as everyone elses, and can be assessed according to your individual needs.



The foods and nutrients your body needs to work at its best will vary according to the way your metabolism works at the moment.  


Metabolic Typing is used to determine the foods and nutrients that are needed for your Metabolic Type. 




What can Metabolic Typing do for me?


The health benefits of following a diet and nutritional program that meets your body's specific metabolic needs are extensive, and include the following: 


  • As your metabolism works more efficiently, every part of your body begins to receive the nutrients it needs to work well.
  • Your body's ability to naturally detoxify will be increased.
  • Your energy increases.
  • Your food cravings stop.
  • It can help with weight loss (if you are overweight); or help you gain weight gain if you are underweight.
  • Your blood sugar levels stabilise.
  • Your chronic health problems will improve.
  • Your mood will improve.
  • You will have an increased sense of well being.
  • Your immunity will improve.
  • Your athletic performance will be better.      


Do you want an experiened Metabolic Typing Advisor to guide you through the program, and work with you to get the most out of the Metabloic Typing Programes?


As a Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Advisor, Jaine Kirtley can give you advice and support for many different metabolic typing programs.


As a Certified Healthexcel Metabolic Typing Advisor, Jaine offers you a program to analyse your body type. This may include hair analysis and detoxification regimes. Metabolic Typing helps the metabolism to function more efficiently, which particularly helps people with weight loss, other weight issues and low energy.


Jaine Kirtley is an experienced Metabolic Typing Advisor and is qualified to advise you through any of the following programmes:- Advanced Programs, Hair Analysis module, Detoxification module, and Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program.


You can take the metabolic typing programs entirely by internet access, personal email, and telephone support.

This means if you want to have any of the metabolic typing tests you do not need to visit Jaine face-to-face. So anyone living a long distance from Jaine Kirtley (even in another country) can still have the benefits of her guidance and support.


Do you want to know more about the Metabolic Typing Programes?

These are: the 'Advanced Metabolic Typing Program'; the 'Advanced Metabolic Typing Program including Hair Analysis and Detoxification'; the 'Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program'.  


1. Advanced Metabolic Typing Program


This assesses three to four different metabolic control systems in your body. The results will indicate which foods and nutrients will be best for your metabolism, and which can help with weight loss among many other issues.


The first part of the test involves a lengthy questionnaire to determine which aspects of metabolic control system need more support.  


Depending on the control system(s) that lies at the base of your health complaint, a given nutrient will correct the imbalance, worsen the imbalance, or have no effect. This will result accordingly in an improvement; worsening of the complaint; or have no effect.


The dominance of one control system over another is assessed, as this is crucial in determining the right metabolic diet for you.


William Wolcott describes this at length in both your Metabolic Typing Report and the book Metabolic Typing (by William Wolcott).


The control systems assessed are:


  • The Autonomic Nervous System, which is the master regulator of metabolism (the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems). 
  • The Carbo-Oxidative processes, which relate to the processes that occur to convert nutrients to energy. Fast Oxidizers are overly reliant on the combustion of carbohydrates in Glycolysis for energy production. Slow Oxidizers also have deficient energy production -- but for opposite reasons. Slow Oxidizers are overly reliant on fat metabolism in Beta Oxidation.
  • The Dominant energy-producing Endocrine gland system is responsible for body structure and how weight accumulates on your body. There are 4 main dominant glands.


The ABO Blood Types (an optional assessment) reveal blood type specific lectin-containing foods for each blood type. Lectins can cause digestion and absorption problems. 



2. The Advanced Metabolic Typing Program including Hair Analysis and Detoxification  

This program has a broader assessment to include Hair Analysis as well as the Advanced Metabolic Typing Program described above. In addition there is a focus on specific detoxification treatments. Hair Analysis gives you further information about how your body may be working. There may be indications on the test of heavy metals that the body doesnt need and that may be harmful to health; and of imbalances in the minerals the body does need but may be low or too high to allow the body to function properly. You are likely to need ongoing support for this program; consultation may be by phone call or visit.



3. The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program


The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program also assesses your metabolic control systems and hair analysis as described above. However the assessment also includes many more metabolic control systems.


The additional control systems are :


  • The Lipo-Oxidative processes; related to aspects of energy production and nutrient absorption;
  • The Electrolyte controls related to dehydration, circulation, fluid distribution, and pH control;
  • Acid / Alkaline balance; related to the acid and alkaline pH levels the body needs to work at is best in different parts of the body;
  • Prostaglandin Balance; where the Series 2 prostaglandins are  involved in swelling, inflammation, clotting, and dilation, while the Series 1 prostaglandins have the opposite effect.  

The Neurotransmitter controls may be considered additionally if necessary, this is undertaken as a separate test.  

Candida testing and assessments are undertaken additionally where considered appropriate.  


The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program is an intensive 8-week program and involves a great deal of commitment to follow. Generally we recommend you follow either the Advanced Metabolic Typing Program or the Advanced Metabolic Typing Program including Hair Analysis and Detoxification, prior to following the Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program. Unless there are specific health concerns where the Comprehensive Program is considered more appropriate.  



Frequently asked Questions about Metabolic Typing


I live a long way from Tauranga can I still do the metabolic typing programs?

The metabolic typing programs may be undertaken by internet access, personal email, and telephone support. This means if you want to have any of the metabolic typing tests you do not need to visit Jaine face to face. So anyone living a long distance  from Jaine Kirtley (even in another country) can still have the benefits of her guidance and support.


How do I decide which Metabolic Typing test I should do?  

Please call (07) 571 3226 and ask to speak to Jaine Kirtley if you would like some help in deciding which test to do. Or email Jaine and briefly describe your health problems and she will recommend which test will be best for you ask  


How do I do the test?  

Contact us and we will give you details of payment options Or post a cheque to:


Jaine Kirtley

Bay Naturopath

9 Churchill Road, Judea


New Zealand


You will then be sent details of how to do the test. Results will be returned to you normally within 2 days.  


The results include:


  • Your Metabolic Type; 
  • Your metabolic type diet recommendations: guidance on 300 foods; menu plans; extensive explanation of how to organize your Metabolic Typing diet, how to fine tune your diet for the right ratios of food. Diet check record sheet for you to record your daily reactions to foods
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Important lifestyle recommendations


Jaine Kirtley will guide you through the results, answer any queries, make a personal menu plan with you so you can apply your metabolic typing diet to your lifestyle, and discuss the next stage of the metabolic typing program. 


If you have any questions or would like to book your Metabolic Typing Test please contact us call 07 571 3226 or email naturopath Jaine Kirtley: and we will answer them as soon as possible.


Metabolic Typing Costs


1. Advanced Metabolic Typing Program      $185

This includes the Advanced Test and a 45-minute follow up consultation. 


2. The Advanced Metabolic Typing Program including Hair Analysis and Detoxification     $285

This includes the Advanced Test, hair analysis, and a 45-minute follow up consultation, with emphasis on detoxification. (Further appointments, which will be charged additionally, are normally needed for ongoing detoxification support.)


Hair Analysis only     $120

This includes a full hair analysis report, with both a colour bar chart graph of results, and an extensive written report on toxic metals, nutritional elements and additional trace elements.  


3. The Comprehensive Metabolic Typing Program     $600

This includes the Comprehensive Test, questionnaire and testing, hair analysis, four 30-minute consultations, and unlimited email support over an 8-12 week period.  


Optional Further appointments     

$65 per consultation     


If you have any questions or would like to book your Metabolic Typing Test please contact us call 07 571 3226 or email naturopath Jaine Kirtley and we will answer it as soon as possible.



Contact Bay Health Clinic today to find out more, to book for Metabolic Typing, or to book a consultation with one of our Naturopaths; if needed they will also prepare tailored herbal medicines and recommend supplements to help you feel your best.  Call 07 571 3226 or email us:



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