Natural Ways to Cope With Indigestion in Pregnancy


Indigestion, and acid reflux during pregnancy is a common, annoying symptom many women experience. Many women are wary of taking pharmaceutical medicines at this time, however, there are many natural and simple ways to manage this problem and enjoy the pregnancy.


The indigestion can be a combination of structural changes – as your uterus grows it presses on your diaphragm so there is less space in the stomach area, which triggers reflux/indigestion. In addition, pregnancy hormones cause the sphincter, which is a little flap at the entry to your stomach, to become looser so food can move back up from the stomach, again causing reflux/indigestion.


For natural help eat smaller meals, although ensure you eat a bit more frequently so that you still get enough to eat. Remember to chew your food and eat extremely slowly.


You can also raise the head of you bed (use book/bricks) if the problem occurs at night. Gravity will helps to keep the food where it should be.  


Slippery Elm tea is one if the best remedies to give immediate relief. Put 1 teaspoon of 100% pure slippery elm powder in ½ cup of water. Drink immediately (otherwise is goes very solid). Chamomile tea can also help to gently improve your digestion.


Stay off poor quality fats, found in overheated and processed food, salami, sausages, etc. These can also cause acidity and indigestion, and are damaging to your body and your baby.  But don’t forget to have your high quality fats, including cold pressed oils such as extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, and avocado oil.


Stay of all sugars; these will also add to the indigestion and can lead to weight gain without nutrient gain. Anything sweeter than a fresh raw apple is probably too sweet. Remember your taste buds are usually a simpler guide that reading labels!


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Original Article March 2012

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