Cheap Nutritious Food


Most people who come to see me for help with health problems are amazed to discover that eating more health giving nutritious food can be cheaper that having food that damages health. 


We need to think about why we eat and drink. The obvious reasons are; hunger, low energy, thirst, an appeal to our senses: sight, smell, taste. Other reasons include being sociable, boredom, and comfort. However the most important reason is to stay alive. 


When you have both poor health and little money you need to only focus on foods that will nurture your body to sustain life. Save money by not buying food or drink containing sugar. Check labels for sugar, syrup, or anything ending with the letter “ose” such as fructose. Better still, use your taste buds to guide you; avoid anything sweeter than a fresh raw apple. Avoid alcohol; it damages the body and depletes it of nutrients, especially zinc and vitamin C. Drink water, it is the only fluid the body needs. Avoid pre-made sauces, these are an expensive way to flavour food, and low in nutrients. Use herbs and spices, home grown will be even cheaper. Packaged or processed food can be an expensive way to get the vitamins and minerals you need. Refined or white flour, bread, rice are lower in nutrients than the whole grain varieties, since the nutritious outer layer has been stripped away; giving little nutrition for your money.


For nutrient content and economy eat fresh food that is in season. Learn to eat a greater variety of vegetables; chop a cabbage or grate a carrot for your salad. Organic food is higher in nutrients and lower in unnecessary chemicals. When in season I have found organic food can be cheaper than the food that isn’t organically grown. These are just some of the ways to eat well and feel great whatever your budget.


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Original Article February 2012

Copyright Jaine Kirtley