Health in Ten Minutes


Health in ten minutes sounds impossible and yes it is! Although we’d all love to have the mythical magic moment of reaching our health and fitness goals instantly, in reality we know it takes more time. However, it can seem overwhelming to make time for health in an already busy day.


This is where the Ten Minutes can really help. For most people the thought of allocating 10 minutes to health a day seems “do-able”. Think about it; you can spend 10 minutes waiting to be connected on a phone call or stuck in traffic. That unplanned 10 minutes does in fact fit very easily into your day. The trick is now to plan in the 10 minutes for exercise, or relaxation, or even preparing a meal. Remember this has to be a whole 10 minutes not 7 or 8! Another very important part of the 10 minutes is it must be done every single day.


The great thing about taking ten minutes to start to improve your health, is that this really does begin to change your habits and improve your health. It becomes normal to walk or run every day. Relaxation becomes part of your life. You find you do have time to chop that cabbage. Moreover you will soon find you are spending more than ten minutes on all of those things; and it all fit easily into your day.


The ancient philosopher Lao-tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Whatever your health at the moment take a step forward.


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Original Article January 2015

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