Herbs for Restful Sleep


Poor sleep has far reaching effects on energy, physical and mental health, mood, work and relationships.  These problems may also trigger sleep difficulties; so a vicious cycle of sleep and other complaints can develop.


The naturopathic approach addresses the underlying causes of sleep problems. This includes simple changes such as cutting out stimulants; caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. As well as establishing helpful sleep habits; eating food with healing nutrients, daily exercise, relaxation and routines to wind down at night. In addition, numerous nutrients and herbal medicines help give restful and refreshing sleep. 


Magnesium, Vitamin C and the B vitamins reduce stress and improve sleep. I recommend the Entire Katoa Food State range for effective results, optimum absorption, low dose and low toxicity; available locally at Wild Earth Organics, Central Parade Pharmacy, Define Fitness and the Bay Health Clinic in Judea.


Many herbs have been used for centuries to effectively promote sleep. Herbal medicines can be made to include both herbs to help you sleep, and herbs to support other health problems such as depression, anxiety, low blood sugar levels, hormonal imbalances, hot flushes and pain which may be preventing a good night's sleep. 


  • Magnolia is a traditional herbal sleep medicine. Recent research shows it relives menopausal sleep difficulties too.
  • Chamomile helps particularly in getting off to sleep, working on the brain in a similar way to some pharmaceutical sleep medications.
  • Valerian improves the quality of sleep, especially deep sleep, without side effects which can be a problem in pharmaceutical medications. Most research shows it works better after three weeks of use, however I have found it helps even after a few nights.
  • Passiflora relieves anxiety, insomnia and improves nervous system function. A study of forty people found in just one week sleep quality improved significantly.


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Original Article July 2014

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