Naturopaths Advocate High Quality Fats for Weight Loss


In 2012 Otago University researchers compiled a list of forty-nine foods to avoid to help weight loss, and also suggested substitutes for those foods. Although many of these recommendations were helpful, naturopaths were concerned the list and the suggested substitutes promoted a very low fat diet, and processed foods, which can be detrimental to health.


While poor quality fats definitely harm the body and are linked to obesity, high quality fats are essential for health. Recent research has shown high quality fats help in weight loss; as they help people to feel full for longer, and help stabilise blood sugar so people are less likely to want to eat. In addition high quality fats are essential for nerve health, mental health, cardiovascular health, bones and joints, healthy skin, immunity and necessary to absorb fat soluble vitamins. 


High quality fats I recommend include unheated cold pressed oils, for example extra virgin olive oil, avocados, raw nuts, fish and organic sources of animal fat. Organic whole milk and other organic dairy food, are beneficial to health, and give more health benefits than low fat milk. If you are obese the amount you eat may need to be decreased.


Honey has to be of high quality to have health benefits, so poor quality honey should be avoided. Very high quality honey, such as raw local manuka honey can really improve health, but it should only be used in very small amounts due to the high sugar content; keep it in the medicine cabinet rather than the pantry to remind you!


The processed foods the Otago research suggested as substitutes can be damaging to health. Research has shown diet soft drinks increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.  While the addition of artificial sweeteners perpetuates the desire for sweet foods; increasing vulnerability to unwanted weight gain in the future is of little help in a long term solution to obesity. In addition, there is some evidence to show some artificial sweeteners may be cause health problems.


The list suggests replacing sausages and salami with a low fat version, however, any kind of highly processed meat of this kind has been linked to a greater risk of cancer, so it is better to avoid processed meat altogether.


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Original Article February 2012

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