Low Nutrients Trigger Obesity and Depression


Are you struggling to lose weight, and so feeling down or even depressed that you give up and reach for the very food and drink that you know will only increase your weight? If so it is likely you are so low in nutrients that depression is hampering your chances of being able to lose weight.


Research shows obesity increases the risk of depression, and depression was found to be predictive of developing obesity. You could be eating too much food but not getting enough nutrients. The type of food you eat if you are overweight is likely to be low in nutrients; in addition you may have problems absorbing important nutrients.


Naturopaths help you identify which foods and drink are most important to avoid; it is not simply a case of decreasing your calories. If you have food low in nutrients, then less of that food would results in fewer nutrients.

The most important nutrients to prevent and alleviate depression are high quality fats such as the omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, and monounsaturated fats. All B vitamins are crucial for nerve health and energy production; they help relieve low mood and depression. Magnesium is a fantastic mineral for mental health, especially anxiety and depression. It also helps stop cravings so is very useful in weight loss programmes. Sugar depletes your body of magnesium. Zinc is another mineral important in lowerig the risk of depression.


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Original Article February 2015

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