BMI - Body Mass Index Information and BMI Calculator

What is BMI?
BMI stands for Body Mass Index, and is a way of roughly assesing if you are carrying too much or too little weight to be healthy.
Is the BMI accurate?
It is not an exact way of telling if your body is carrying too muich fat. For example, a highly trained heavy weight boxer may be very heavy so under BMI caculations is defined as obese. However the boxer may in fact be carrying very little body fat but a lot of muscle so the BMI calculation would be misleading.
Additionally, someone who exercises very little and eats poor quality food, but in small amounts may be judged as having a healthy BMI, so is at a healthy weight. However the lack of exercise and health giving food makes it likely this person is actually carrying too much body fat to be healthy.
Overall though, the BMI is a very good rough guide. Eat well, exercise daily (at least a brisk walk) and check your BMI to see if you are likely to be on the right track.
Is the BMI for obesity or overweight different for Maori and Pacific Island People?
In the past in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health advised the BMI healthy ranges for Maori and Pacific Island people were higher than for others. This is not the advise given today. Now the NZ Ministry of Health follows World Health Organisation (WHO) International guidelines for all people in New Zealand.
  • Obesity is defined as: BMI greater than or equal to 30.0 for all New Zealand adults
  • Overweight is defined as: BMI 25.0 to 29.9 for all New Zealand adults 
BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator for Adults
To calculate your BMI click on the following link - BMI Calculator 

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