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Interview on Central TV with Janelle Burnside about Naturopaths at Integrative Medical Centres
 New Zealand Society of Naturopaths Media Release 22nd March 2010

Naturopathy and Integrative Medical Centres
Jaine Kirtley PR Spokesperson for the NZ Socity of Naturopaths

The NZ Society of Naturopaths applauds the use of integrative medical centres where the public can access care from a range of specialists under one roof. This has a great potential for truly client centred care. The real focus of complementary medicine is the client. The health services need to provide for all the client needs to be at optimum health. This means they may use the services of a GP alongside the care of a Registered Naturopath if that means that gives them the best chance to regain health. The NZ Society of Naturopaths already has registered naturopaths working in integrative care clinics. The high level of training and competency of Naturopaths registered with the NZSN has been crucial to their effectiveness in working alongside other disciplines for the benefit of health service users.
A list of registered qualified Naturopaths can be found at


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