EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is tapping on acupressure points combined with modern psychology.  Think acupuncture without needles :) 

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Chatelle Jeram at the Bay Health Clinic says “By tapping on these points while considering or talking through a negative issue, we can decrease stress, fear and negative emotions; making room for calm and clarity”. 


Research has shown that EFT can reduce extreme cortisol levels (indicating high stress levels), helping someone move from a sympathetic nervous state (fight, flight or freeze) into the parasympathetic nervous state (relaxed, calm). 

EFT has lasting results and people can use EFT to overcome trauma, phobias, overwhelming negative states, stress and to dissolve limiting/disempowering beliefs.

In a group setting, one does not have to share details of their issues to benefit from using EFT and reduce distress. 


People can easily learn to use EFT on themselves. 


Chatelle Jeram is available at the Bay Health Clinic for individual or group EFT appointments.

Call now or book online. 07 571 3226

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