Donna Nolan - Massage Therapist

Registered massage Therapist - Massage NZ, Sports & Relaxation Level 4 - NZMC, Aromatherapy level 4 - NZMC, Certified Infant Massage Tutor - IAIM

Therapy Practice Management - NZMC, Dip Teaching and Learning - Canterbury University, Yoga Immersion - Rise Yoga, Work Place First Aid

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Donna Nolan

Massage Therapist


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Donna began her massage journey in 2012 when she saw a great need for parents to deeply connect with their infants and children. Donna is a mother to 3 beautiful children and has worked as an ECE teacher for over 11 years. This is where her passion for natural therapies through the core foundations of touch began. Originally training with the International Association of Infant Massage, with a goal to guide and encourage parents to grow their own abilities to bond and support their children, creating holistic wellbeing within the entire family. This interest soon branched out into training with the New Zealand Collage of Massage, where Donna began working more directly with adults.

Donna is a strong advocator for health and wellbeing through your own internal energy and eliminating as many external toxins as possible. Donna has a passion for weight training herself and through her own experiences, has deepened her knowledge of caring for our bodies through regular, quality body treatments and care routines. Along with her massage training, Donna is also extending her knowledge base with yoga and spiritual awareness. This is to give a more holistic approach to her treatments on offer.

Donna believes there is no one treatment suits all and will tailor your treatment programme to best suit your current life adventures.

Cupping Therapy

This treatment is very effective for injury recovery and during peek times of muscle stress. We work with both static and movement vacuum cupping. This technique works with a negative pressure that reduces muscle tension and increases blood flow through the stressed muscles. Book Cupping Therapy


Hot Stone Therapy

The hot stones expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.


Relaxation Deep Tissue or Sports Massage


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