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Jaine Kirtley's Thoughts

I am strongly anti-discrimination in any form, I do do not want to see the 2 tier divide which the government wants to become a reality in this country. 

So I will not be disclosing my jab status.

I fully support personal choice in healthcare.

Human knowledge evolves over time. If we are fortunate as a society, we remember past observations and decide not to repeat actions which were detrimental, and we keep doing the things that helped society.

Science is not an end point. It is a process of continuous observation and reflection. Scientific knowledge evolves over time. The scientific knowledge on the “jab” is evolving.


Now, in 2021, the decision to have a “jab” or to not have a “jab” is based on incomplete scientific knowledge. Why incomplete? Because “time” is a crucial part of any scientific research.


We simply have not had the time factor to complete the vast body of research we need to make a fully informed decision.


In New Zealand today people who choose not to have the “jab” are being discriminated. The government wants a “two tier” society. Kind, caring people are losing this week jobs including Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Social Workers, Teachers, and many others. These are not stupid people.


These are people who care about health and welfare. Their decision is just different to the government decision.


I stand strong with my Nursing colleagues, and many of us with decades of experience, who oppose mandatory jabs.


I always done my upmost not to place a strain on health services and hospitals and I continue to do so.


I have never supported any form of discrimination and have no intension of supporting or colluding with discrimination now.

The NZSN calls for ban of free toys with unhealthy meals

May 26th 2015

The New Zealand Society of Naturopaths
Media Release 6th November 2010;

by Jaine Kirtley PR Spokesperson for NZSN


The NZSN calls for ban of free toys with unhealthy meals 

The NZ Society of Naturopaths calls on the NZ government to follow the lead of San Francisco USA, which has just passed a law to ban the practise of giving toys away with unhealthy meals.

"We have a nation that is suffering the consequences of eating unhealthy food" says a NZSN spokesperson, "the numbers of people suffering from cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental health problems are unacceptably high. We need to take stronger action to protect children from marketing methods that serve to encourage them to eat foods that cause and exacerbate these chronic health problems".


Watch the TV Interview about the NZSN call to Ban Free Toys with Unhealthy Food




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