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Jaine Kirtley's Thoughts

I am strongly anti-discrimination in any form, I do do not want to see the 2 tier divide which the government wants to become a reality in this country. 

So I will not be disclosing my jab status.

I fully support personal choice in healthcare.

Human knowledge evolves over time. If we are fortunate as a society, we remember past observations and decide not to repeat actions which were detrimental, and we keep doing the things that helped society.

Science is not an end point. It is a process of continuous observation and reflection. Scientific knowledge evolves over time. The scientific knowledge on the “jab” is evolving.


Now, in 2021, the decision to have a “jab” or to not have a “jab” is based on incomplete scientific knowledge. Why incomplete? Because “time” is a crucial part of any scientific research.


We simply have not had the time factor to complete the vast body of research we need to make a fully informed decision.


In New Zealand today people who choose not to have the “jab” are being discriminated. The government wants a “two tier” society. Kind, caring people are losing this week jobs including Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Social Workers, Teachers, and many others. These are not stupid people.


These are people who care about health and welfare. Their decision is just different to the government decision.


I stand strong with my Nursing colleagues, and many of us with decades of experience, who oppose mandatory jabs.


I always done my upmost not to place a strain on health services and hospitals and I continue to do so.


I have never supported any form of discrimination and have no intension of supporting or colluding with discrimination now.

Who Cares About Your Health? : Registration of Health Practitioners

May 26th 2015





Who Cares About Your Health? : Registration of Health Practitioners






NZ Society of Naturopaths Media Release; July 2010




Good question, who does care about your health? 




You should be the one that cares most about your health because ultimately it will be you that suffers the consequences if your health issues are neglected.


Your doctor and any other health practitioner of your choice should give you good advice and let you know your choices if and when you have a health issue.


Is Your Doctor Registered? 

We can safely say he/she is, as most medical practitioners in NZ are members of the Medical Council and are bound by a code of ethics and other requirements before they can be registered to practise.

The public has recourse to complain to the medical council if that doctor is registered.

Doctors are also regulated and recognised according to the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act  2003 (HPCAA)

There is a register of Current Registered Doctors.   

Medical Council Website: http://www.mcnz.org.nz/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx


Is Your Natural Health Practitioner Registered?

Currently in NZ a Naturopath or Herbalist, and most other natural health practitioners are not recognised and/or regulated under HPCAA.

Herbalists are in the process of doing so, but it is a long expensive process.

Naturopaths are leaning towards self regulation and public recognition of their practitioners.

The NZ Society of Naturopaths holds a national register of NZ Naturopaths and ensures that all their members have graduated from an NZQA approved college with a minimum of the required Level 6 Diploma in Naturopathy.

NZSN also ensure all their registered members are competent to practise according to their code of ethics, rules of practise and policies and procedures.

The public has recourse to complain to the NZ Society of Naturopaths if that naturopath is registered with NZSN.

There is a register of Current Registered Naturopaths

NZ Society of Naturopaths http://www.naturopath.org.nz


How Do You Know if a Naturopath is Registered?

In NZ anyone can call themselves a naturopath, even your local plumber!

That is kind of scary& so, you need to be vigilant when choosing a practitioner.


Many websites and online directories have listings of naturopaths, and other health practitioners.

We know they do not check out the credentials of the advertisers.

If they dont advertise themselves as registered chances are they are NOT registered. 

Even if a practitioner does advertise themselves as registered, ask who they are registered with and check them out before you make an appointment.

When it comes to who you are trusting with your health, play it safe!


All Naturopaths registered with NZ Society of Naturopaths will be asked by NZSN to state who they are registered with in all advertising.



What do you do if you have a Complaint regarding your Health Practitioner?

If the naturopath is registered with NZSN, you can contact NZSN and be assured your complaint will be taken seriously as there is a complaints procedure to be followed.


All Health Professionals should display their qualifications prominently in their practise. 

They should also display a current registration/practising certificate.


Keep yourself safe!  Be aware of your rights, always seek someone qualified and registered when you are looking for a health professional.

Make informed, wise choices!


For information on the NZ Society of Naturopaths, go to www.naturopath.org.nz

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