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Jaine Kirtley's Thoughts

I am strongly anti-discrimination in any form, I do do not want to see the 2 tier divide which the government wants to become a reality in this country. 

So I will not be disclosing my jab status.

I fully support personal choice in healthcare.

Human knowledge evolves over time. If we are fortunate as a society, we remember past observations and decide not to repeat actions which were detrimental, and we keep doing the things that helped society.

Science is not an end point. It is a process of continuous observation and reflection. Scientific knowledge evolves over time. The scientific knowledge on the “jab” is evolving.


Now, in 2021, the decision to have a “jab” or to not have a “jab” is based on incomplete scientific knowledge. Why incomplete? Because “time” is a crucial part of any scientific research.


We simply have not had the time factor to complete the vast body of research we need to make a fully informed decision.


In New Zealand today people who choose not to have the “jab” are being discriminated. The government wants a “two tier” society. Kind, caring people are losing this week jobs including Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Social Workers, Teachers, and many others. These are not stupid people.


These are people who care about health and welfare. Their decision is just different to the government decision.


I stand strong with my Nursing colleagues, and many of us with decades of experience, who oppose mandatory jabs.


I always done my upmost not to place a strain on health services and hospitals and I continue to do so.


I have never supported any form of discrimination and have no intension of supporting or colluding with discrimination now.

New Proposed Regulations for Natural Health Products

May 25th 2015



Response to



New Proposed Regulations for Natural Health Products

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The New Zealand Society of Naturopaths
Media Release 17th June 2011

by Jaine Kirtley PR Spokesperson for NZSN


Natural health products are currently inadequately regulated

The NZ Society of Naturopaths (NZSN) welcomes the news that the Green Party and the Government will set up a new stand-alone New Zealand natural health regulator. We agree with the Ministry of Health that natural health products are currently inadequately regulated.


Concerns about proposed list for permitted ingredients

We have some concerns however, regarding the proposed list for permitted ingredients; such a list could limit the natural products that are permitted to be used, which would then affect the sort of natural products that are available in New Zealand.

We feel there should only be a list of prohibited ingredients. The NZ Society of Naturopaths has offered a representative to be involved in the decision-making process of prohibited ingredients.


Increased costs of the new regulation

We are concerned that the increased costs of the new regulation, two thirds of which will be borne by the industry, this will hinder the business growth of naturopaths in New Zealand. Then ultimately the costs will be passed on to the consumer. In this current economic climate we feel this may be hard for the industry and for the consumer of natural health products. Natural products already viewed by many as expensive compared to subsidised prescription medications.


Therapeutic claims

We have some concerns regarding the therapeutic claims. The new natural health products proposal says that approval of products making high level claims will continue to be required under the medicines act. What is considered a high level claim? Well researched products e.g. fish oil used for arthritis, St Johns Wort used for depression; are depression or arthritis categories for higher level claims? We are concerned that such a claim may not be allowed.

The new proposal states "traditional claims..... will be allowed where appropriate" there are many traditional naturopaths remedies that are used to help in serious illness. According to one part of the new proposal such claims will be allowed, but there is some confusion as these could be interpreted as "high level claims".


New regulation would look at what is best for New Zealanders

We are pleased that this new regulation is specifically for New Zealand. Naturopaths in New Zealand may use products and natural medicines unique to New Zealand, or help people regain health using naturopathic medicines which are not allowed in some countries, we are glad that in  New Zealand this new regulation would look at what is best for New Zealanders and make independent decisions.



Links related to this media release

Here's a link to READ the Previous NZSN media release on the first changes proposed in May 2010 and watch the NZSN  television interview about the First Proposal Natural Health Products Bill

Development of a Natural Health Products Bill Update on Government decisions -word document version

Development of a Natural Health Products Bill Update on Government decisions -Html version

The Development of a Natural Health Products Bill: Summary of Submissions (Word, 526 KB)
The Development of a Natural Health Products Bill: Summary of Submissions (PDF, 231 KB)



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